Tuesday, May 21, 2024

BTO spices-up Khawa Dune Challenge with camel activities

To promote awareness of the new Camel Park in Kgalagadi, which is reportedly near completion, Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) has decided to add camel activities to this year’s Khawa Dune Challenge and Cultural Festival.

Upon completion, The Tsabong Park will have activities such as rides and races centered on Camels as part of a tourism attraction package. When the Festival was first launched last year, President Ian Khama, who is known for his love of adventure, was in attendance. However, BTO cannot yet confirm if he will attend this year’s festival.

On Friday the 23rd to the 24th of August, the Kgalagadi District will hold the second annual Khawa Dune Challenge and Cultural Festival. BTO has partnered with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (MYSC), and Botswana Motor Sports (BMS) for the Festival to fulfill part of its twin objectives of product diversification and Geographic Diversification drive, which include culture as well as events with a focus on sports, fashion and entertainment and culture. BTO expects the Festival to enhance the international image of Botswana as a competitive tourist destination as well as bring Khawa to the attention of travelers and tourism investors.

A parastatal body set up through an Act of parliament, BTO is mandated with the task of “marketing and promoting Botswana as a tourist destination of choice as well as to promote investment in the tourism sector and to grade and classify tourism facilities.”

“The Ministry of Youth ,Sports and Culture(MYSC) is anticipating to use over P300, 000 in this endeavor ÔÇô P77, 000 of which will be going to the performing artists and groups, compared to the modest grand budget of P48, 000, of which P17, 000 went towards the artists in 2012,” said Ruth Maphorisa, the Permanent Secretary at MYSC.

Although the BTO cannot disclose the monetary value made, if at all any was made from its first year, they are hopeful that, with time, it will grow big enough to make socio-economic contributions to the small village of Khawa.

In its first year, the Festival had already attracted travelers from South Africa and Namibia.

“We have seen an unprecedented level of enthusiasm from the domestic market from both Batswana and residents and are indeed encouraged to see our fellow citizens taking trips locally and consuming the local domestic product,” said Myra Sekgororoane, Chief Executive Officer of BTO.

Apart from the Camel activities, the Festival combine cultural aspects with other fun, such as Motorsports like Quad and Motor bike Challenges through the Khawa Sand Dunes.


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