Saturday, August 13, 2022

Business and tourism portal launched ahead of 2010 World Cup

Botsnet recently launched one of their latest innovative products, the tourism and investment web portal, at the BOCCIM Northern Trade fair in Francistown. The web portal is one of Botsnet’s latest products that are especially geared for the 2010 World Cup to be hosted in South Africa.
The web portal presents an opportunity for companies, parastatals, SMMEs and government to advertise their products and services on the international market.

Fundie Mongwato, Corporate Sales and Marketing Executive, said at the launch that Botsnet found it fitting to develop a marketing and advertising hub for Botswana businesses in the form of a portal. The portal will avail a link with global investors and tourists to showcase a different Botswana and expose local companies to the international market.
Mongwato said that, with the advent of the 2010 World Cup all eyes will be on Africa and companies in Botswana and Africa as a whole are faced with the daunting challenge of ensuring that they are well prepared for the business windfall that will accrue because of the World Cup.

“The web portal, therefore, is a tool through which all companies in Botswana can advertise their products and services so that prospective customers who will be flocking to the World Cup can know of their existence when they get here,” he said.

He added that companies that take advantage of the web portal will be putting themselves in place to reap benefits as they will have unlimited exposure to the global market and be able to attract the large number of tourists who will be attending the World Cup.

The web portal, which will be hosted by the Botsnet server, will be launched in mid June. Botsnet will also be running trial adverts through the portal before the launch, and companies are encouraged to seek Botsnet assistance in hosting their websites and links to the portal so that they can also rip the benefits of international exposure.

“The web portal will be beneficial to industries because, as an advertising medium, it will have more visibility in all major search engines, provide maximum global coverage and premium listing to companies and eventually increase sales leads,” he said.

There are already some major companies in Botswana that have embraced the idea of the web portal and Mongwato said that the response that they are getting about their innovative product is encouraging.


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