Monday, December 11, 2023

Business to be equipped with skills to deal with trade Unions

Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM), training department is scheduled to bring together senior managers of its member organisations tomorrow (Thursday) to guide them on how to improve productivity in a unionised workplace.

The member organisation will be grouped together under the auspices of the 3rd Leadership Dialogue on Thursday 28th January 2010, at Gaborone Sun Hotel grounds this week.

Komissa Burzlaff, BOCCIM Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager said the aim is to offer participants an opportunity to appreciate the relevance and significance of industrial relations practice in improving productivity in a unionised workplace.

“Moreover, participants stand to gain a better understanding of the labour laws of Botswana and the impact on business and competitiveness at strategic level,” Komissa pointed out.

It is generally expected that this kind of event, which is held every other year serve as a learning forum for attendees on a range of topics and business concepts that would increase leadership skills in the country.

The platform also creates for discussions where new ideas and developments are interrogated and analysed with a view to ensuring that businesses move along with the tide of developments in a proactive way.

This follows government’s initiative to ratified some International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions prompting BOCCIM to practically acknowledged their relevance to the industry by providing training on the affected laws for the business leaders and the benefits of making the workplace union friendly.

In that regard, a workshop was held in 2008 under the theme, “Unionising the Workplace”, where the participants were introduced to the new labour laws and their parallels with past practice.

By the same token, the forthcoming workshop will focus more on maximising the potential of an open environment created by unionisation of the workplace to ensure productivity through a humane industrial relations policy in the workplace. Against this background, the theme of the event was coined, “Industrial Relations; A strategic Component for business growth”.

Norman Moleele, Deputy Executive Director of BOCCIM, who is also the Head of the Training Department, boasted that BOCCIM’s training department constantly tries to ensure that businesses walk away inspired and gain valuable knowledge through multiple workshops, seminars and training programs it hosts.

“This year is no exception, as vibrant, expert presenters facilitate and lead the dialogue, and will include Debswana’s Group Employee Relations Manager, Richard Vaka,”said Moleele.
Apparently, Vaka’s mandate at Botswana’s giant corporate organisation entail providing strategic guidance in the management of union/management relations, negotiation and implementation of collective agreements.

He is also set to enchant the audience with his erudition on the issues relating to dispute resolution processes as they form part of his daily routine. That includes mediation, arbitration and adjudication.

To give further substance and diversity to the content of the dialogue, the Managing Consultant of Geodimensions (PTY) Ltd, Justin Sekumbo is scheduled to add a touch of his wealth of experience by sharing with fellow entrepreneurs on issues such as preparation of feasibility reports and investment appraisals as well as restructuring and re-engineering and preparation of board charters, performance contracts and issues of corporate governance.

Invitees to the workshop, include Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers and Human Resources Managers as well as Company Directors.


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