Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Call to assist substance abuse students studying outside

There are no measures in place to address alcohol and drug abuse among students studying outside the country despite concerns that they were facing a serious problem of alcohol and drug abuse.

Phenyo Sebonego of the Ministry of Health, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Unit, stated during a BOSASNet Panel Discussion that despite rampant alcohol and substance abuse among international students, they had not yet put measures to address the problem.

Sebonego said that they are aware of the alcohol and drug abuse among the students studying outside.
He indicated that they were aware about the concerns of alcohol and drug abuse but they had not yet placed any measures to address the problem.

The members of the public had wanted the ministry to assure them about measures put in place to address the problem which has resulted in students not finishing their studies and committing suicide.

However, one of the participants, Cheza Mogae, encouraged parents to guard their children against alcohol and drug abuse.

Mogae stated that alcohol and drug abuse is a disease that can be cured. She advised that, for entertainment, children should look at other activities that are alcohol and drug free.

Other members of the public also advised the Ministry of Health to engage organizations such as BOSASNet when allocating money accrued from the alcohol levy.

The members of the public felt that organizations, such as BOSASnet, are well placed and know a lot about issues of alcohol and drug abuse in the society.

They called on government to reduce the amount of money allocated to football tournaments because it is evident that there is a problem of alcohol and substance abuse.


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