Monday, July 15, 2024

Call to increase investment in ICT infrastructure

Accelerated growth in the country’s economy lies with increased investments in Information Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, said Allen Boshwaen, the Chief Executive Officer at the Botswana Innovation Hub.

He said that there are many new innovations in the field of ICT whose growth is hampered by lack of collaboration.

“We are now ready to work with the private sector investors to realize our goal of becoming a knowledge-based economy,” said Boshwaen, adding that the nexus between ICT and economic growth has already been established.

Boshwaen said the critical element missing is increased investment in ICT infrastructure, which can only be achieved by increased collaboration with private sector investors.

BIH is currently working towards developing a Science and Technology Park that will house ICT and research companies. Boshwaen said it is BIH expectation with the help of private sector investors to complement government efforts to see a mining value chain activities taking place locally in particular those with a high technology transfer and adaptation component.

The world is on the edge of a technology entrepreneurial revolution which requires the participation of both the public and private sector to take off.

He challenged the private sector to work with BIH to assist in strengthening the national capacity for innovation and technology relevant to the global economy.

“With private sector collaboration, we want to create superior ICT infrastructure, bandwidth and wifi capabilities as well a superior computing solutions and data centers,” said Boshwaen.

Boshwaen appealed to private sector investors to come on board and work with BIH in developing the remaining plot in the science and technology park.

BIH has entered into active strategic collaborations that assist in technology transfer such as Microsoft and COHRED.


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