Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Campaigns intensify for BFA top post

Campaigns for the position of Vice President-Administration of the Botswana Football Association (BFA) have intensified, as the date of the BFA general assembly draws nearer.

With only a month left before the day of reckoning, pretenders to the top position are working day and night on the campaign trail as they try to woo voters to their side. The incumbent, Boyce Sebetela, will not be seeking re-election. But already several people have declared interest in the position. The duo of Tariq Babitseng and Leviet Ntwaagae has already declared their interest. It is still not clear whether former BFA top official, Segolame Ramothwa would stand. Information reaching The Telegraph Sport suggests that Ramothwa has received numerous requests from supporters who want him to contest the top post, which he once held under Dikgang Philip Makgalemele’s administration.

He resigned under the leadership of David Fani following a fall out. On the other hand, Babitseng is seen as a strong favorite to snatch the post because of his grass roots appeal especially in the regions, which hold more power. He was allegedly seen on the campaign trail in Palapye over the weekend where the Tswapong region was holding their meeting.

“As you know Babitseng is the chairperson of the First Division South and that gives him an advantage because he communicates with the regions. He knows their challenges more than his competitors,” said a source.

However, Babitseng’s greatest undoing could be that the current BFA regime he is aligned to, the friends of football, have not fulfilled many of the promises they made when they campaigned for the positions of President and Vice President-Technical two years back.

“The current BFA leadership promised that they will visit and develop football in the regions. But that has not happened and they will always be criticized. Some people in the regions might think twice about Babitseng,” the source added.

On the other hand, Ramothwa is believed to enjoy support from many who are disappointed by the current BFA regime, and they want him to bring experience and stability to the BFA.

“It is a known fact that Ramothwa is a man who has the interests of football at heart. He is a committed servant who is not tainted by controversy. He has done a lot for this country and people still feel he is highly needed. Things are not going well at the BFA and someone with a strong personality and pedigree like Ramothwa is needed,” said his supporters.

Efforts to contact Ramothwa proved futile at time of going to press. As for Ntwaagae it remains to be seen how he will fare because he is a newcomer to the dog eat dog world of BFA top politics.


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