Monday, July 4, 2022

Can YOU be a catalyst of success?

Following its launch on the 2nd of April, St Louis Export’s Top 40 Under 40 has already begun making strides in unearthing Botswana’s catalysts. Botswana’s first premium beer has been the recipient of international awards that have seen this local brand celebrated for its success. The brand has since created the St Louis Top 40 Under 40 as a way for Batswana to celebrate Batswana.

A national first, St Louis Export Top 40 Under 40 is an initiative that profiles those who are industry leaders and in order to guide and inspire those who look up to them. Many youth in Botswana do not follow the traditional employment route and opt to start businesses. What Top 40 Under 40 offers them is a platform which assists young Batswana with fledgling businesses come into their own and inspire them to thrive.

Amakura Erbynn, KBL’s Premium Beer Marketing Manager, explained that lauding all catalysts will be done from April to September 2013. “With our media partners, Lapologa, Diplomat and Mmegi, we endeavour to profile all the catalysts across these publications. Our celebration of those who bring us national pride tends to be fleeting. The St Louis Export Top 40 Under 40 is an initiative that we hope will recognise Botswana’s catalysts and inspire others to succeed in their own right.”

Beginning with a list of 80 catalyst candidates, a judging panel will convene to refine this to 40 catalysts. This takes into account judging criteria such as personal integrity and community impact. This collective of inspiring catalysts will comprise 2013 St Louis Export Top 40 Under 40. The selected catalysts include fashion designers, investment analysts, musicians, athletes and business owners amongst others.

Commented a member of the judging panel, Mud Hut Productions MD, Solomon Monyame, “As Batswana, we should get into the habit of giving praise where praise is due. I am proud and excited to be part of the St Louis Export Top 40 Under 40 programme.”

“We are very pleased with the calibre of the catalysts that have been selected. Together with our judging panel Mr Solomon Monyame, Mr Victor Senye and Mr Chandra Chauhan, we look forward to producing a stellar Top 40 Under 40 collective,” concluded Ms Erbynn.


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