Sunday, May 22, 2022

Capital Bank eyes growth by providing ‘innovative solutions’

In the high league of business managers, it is often held that during good economic times, identifying a great business leader or manager can be a tall order but that the task becomes a piece of cake during tough times.

In the event that such a sterling and high value manager is found, the result can even be more pronounced if the company’s everyday activities are entrenched in sound mission and inspiring vision.

It appears Capital bank is one such blessed company.

The bank entered the Botswana market in 2008, a year when the financial meltdown struck the world.

Records show that even in such tough times, spanning between the years 2008 and 2010, the Capital bank brand managed to post profits yearly.

It wasn’t manna from heaven, but the result of a well designed and structured market strategy driven by a well chosen human resource boasting of high value management, according to the bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Jaco Viljoen.

“From humble beginnings, Capital Bank has grown steadily, and today has four branches, a balance sheet of more than P1 billion and provides full banking services to more than 10,000 customers,” he told Sunday Standard in an impromptu interview at plot 17954 – Capital House.
It is a small head office but the staff draws delight from knowing that they are the only commercial bank with a head office in Botswana.

Viljoen spoke with pronounced confidence, saying they are in the market to serve people and with the ultimate goal of helping them (people) succeed in their endeavors to transform their lives.

“We are in a market to provide innovative solutions to financial challenges our people are facing today and help them transform their lives,” stressed Viljoen who is in his 10th month at the helm of the bank.

He stressed that “our approach of business is that the growth of the bank is intertwined with that of the community of people it operates within.”

And what the bank has does so far smacks of genuine intentions, especially when considering that in 2012, they sponsored 25 local street vendors operating along Old Lobatse Road to register for Family Funeral Plan at a cost to the bank. It is the bank that is paying for the insurance premium every month.

That was 2012. Today, the bank has gone further to partnered with four premier league football teams, namely Township Rollers; Mochudi Centre Chiefs; Extension Gunners and Gaborone United to improve their (teams) economic status. That effort ÔÇô of improving the teams’ economic status- has been founded on a P3 million funding for each b y the bank.

Viljoen further submits that it is the bank’s corporate believe that people, whether at individual level, club/societies are the cornerstone of every development under the sun. “We believe that becoming a business partner with our people or groups is a matter of building the economy of the country and ultimately building a future for our children,” he said.
He further spoke of a lot of exciting things happening at Capital Bank this year, including exciting new products and services that will provide excellent value for money to individuals and businesses to assist them to grow. Some of these changes include retail products that extend to unsecured personal loans.

Viljoen would want people to know that while the bank staff and management are pretty aware of their late entry into the market, their strength lies in their ability to continuously come up with innovative and high value products characterize by incomparable customer service.


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