Sunday, March 3, 2024

Car thief convict re-arrested in South Africa

Almost after a year on the run, a highly skilled motor vehicle theft convict, Mandandi Chibiya, has been re-arrested. Chibiya, who escaped from police custody under mysterious circumstances, was arrested in South Africa where he had been hiding.
The convict had been sentenced to 16 years in prison for motor vehicle theft charges.
He awaits trial for various other offences.
Detective superintendent Phenyoetsile Nnanaakoko of Serious Crimes Squad confirmed to The Telegraph this week that the serial car thief has been on the run since last year.
“The gentleman was arrested recently in South Africa where he has been hiding for almost a year,” he said.
Nnanaakoko said it was through the assistance of Interpol that the fugitive was located in South Africa.
He said he is currently under lawful custody and would remain so until extradited.
“As you might be aware, once arrested outside the country, there is a lawful procedure that is followed. Relevant authorities in Botswana have to prepare extradition documents that will be filed before a court of law in South Africa through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations and the matter will be argued in court”.
He said once the court is satisfied with the evidence filed, the Minister of Justice will then endorse the extradition of the suspect to Botswana to serve his sentence.
Nnanaakoko admitted however that the extradition process takes quite a long time before the suspect can be handed over.
He however indicated that once the suspect lands in the country, he will be charged for escaping from custody.
Nnnaakoko was not at liberty to explain the circumstances that led to the escape.
Chibiya has other various criminal cases that are pending before the courts, he said.
“One of his cases pending before the court is of attempted murder which is before the High Court,” Nnanaakoko added.


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