Saturday, June 15, 2024

Case of woman killing boyfriend’s kid reaches High Court

The widely publicized and emotional case in which a woman was accused of killing her boyfriend’s son that was before Magistrate court has been committed to the High Court.

According to the leading investigator in the case, Superitendent Sergeant Marapo, their investigations have long been concluded.

“Our investigations relating to this case have long been completed. The case has been committed to the High Court,” said Marapo in an interview.

He added the court is expected to set trial dates for Gaofenngwe Selaolo who is accused of killing her boyfriend’s son.  While Marapo would not be drawn into discussing the whereabouts of Selaolo, he reiterated that “the matter is now before the High Court for trial.”

She is accused of killing her “stepson”- a pupil at Bosele Primary School aged 11 who went missing on March 2nd 2015 in Gaborone.

Before revelations that the case had been committed to the High Court, Broadhurst Magistrate Nthabiseng Merafhe-Tladi had ordered the Princess Marina Hospital to have evaluated the mental fitness of a Block 3 murder suspect, Selaolo with immediate effect.

Magistrate Nthabiseng-Tladi made the order after the prosecutor in the case, Sub inspector Modukanele told the court that the hospital had scheduled Selaolo’s psychiatric assessment to be done with immediate effect.

At the time, Sub inspector Modukanele had reasoned that investigations into the murder of 11-year-old Clifford Mochocho, who was stepson to the accused were almost complete and therefore it would be awkward to stretch the psychiatric assessment on the other hand.

Mochocho’s body was exhumed at a nearby hill at her home village of Mmankgodi April 12th with evidence available pointing at her and prompting public uproar.

Selaolo was later arrested on March 13, 2016 after police were informed that she was the last one to be seen with young Mochocho whose remains were exhumed on April 12, 2016 near a hill in Mankgodi. The deceased had reportedly disappeared on March 01, 2016 after he failed to come back from Bosele Primary School.


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