Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Casting out demons on children is crap’-Pastor Moruakgomo

Reverend Mpho Moruakgomo has slammed the religious act of casting out demons from children as ‘glaring child abuse and absolute crap.” “There is an abuse of children in contemporary churches, where you hear a pastor saying the kid is demon-possessed. I must say it here and now, that the whole thing is absolute crap”, charged Moruakgomo.

The clergyman, who is also the President of the Botswana Council of Churches, did not mince his words saying, “I have watched and observed on television, the so called men of Gods stretching their hands towards innocent and clueless kids, effectively condemning them to the ground/floor under the guise of deliverance. How does a child become possessed, ke makgakga fela golo mo.” The pastor made the remarks at the just ended high level consultative meeting on the implementation of the Children’s Act of 2009 held at Cresta Lodge, Gaborone. The meeting was officially opened by Assistant Minister Olebile Gaborone.

Rev. Moruakgomo, the Deputy Chairman of Kgatleng District charged that, “Protection of children means scrutinizing and uprooting children unfriendly practices. The testing of virginity by pastors is also an eye sore and must be condemned. These are brutal acts we must confront and mount advocacy against.” Reached for comment, the Head of Child Protection Services, Ookame Mokabathebe was evasive saying, “The religious practices whether in church or elsewhere must rest on the guiding principle which is in the best interest of the child.”

When pressed further she posited that, “The problem of casting demons may be the way is done. Also the issue of testing virginity raises critical issues like the kid’s dignity, privacy and to what extent such a child comprehends the practice. Many a time’s parents take children to church without their consent; the child does not choose which religion he/she wants to follow.” She blamed the churches saying they knowingly and desperately target the children whom they know are vulnerable and enticed by anything.”


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