Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Catholic men cautioned against cohabitation

Unlike Mother’s day, Father’s day is often characterised by both joy and bashing. It seems every speaker who might have a word or two for men on this special day is obligated to come hard on men, throwing whatever weakness they have as human beings into their faces.

At St Peter’s Catholic Church Mission in Gabane, the joys of the great day did not end well to some people. Didn’t they say,’ truth is unpalatable’? The men fraternity (Lekgotla la borre) led the mass (service) of the day and everything seemed to flow well. The Parish Priest, Fr Sello Madiehe emphasised the importance of seeking God’s aid every time ‘storms’ of this world strike. Storms as depicted there mean everything that stood against one’s plans, prosperity and the journey of life. He also expressed the importance of women supporting their men.

Troubles began at their meeting point-the kgotla, when an invited guest, one, Brother Chima addressed the audience. As if by some device, he started with a prayer, perhaps to calm their souls before delivering his hard hitting words.

“The Word of God indicates that God has set a boundary for human beings. It does not have to be extended for whatever reason-it applies to everyone irrespective of their place of origin. It can’t be extended for you because you are from Gabane. Whoever crosses it there are consequences,” said Chima to attentive men.

Often making the mistake of ‘bothers and sisters’ Chima picked from the Gospel according to John 4 where Christ pointed out the fact that light was brought into the world through Him, but the world chose darkness. But if Catholic men, supposedly Christians cheat their spouses, then they are Church-goers, not Christians.

Unmarried men were not spared. Chima said; “Some of you do not want to marry. You will find someone cohabiting, on the grounds that he does not have money. But the same person keeps bearing children with the same person. The Word of God speaks of bearing children that are holy. Children born out of wedlock aren’t holy…” murmurs could be heard as the interpreter interpreted his words. He emphasised that fornication is one of the sins listed by Apostle Paul in his epistle to the Galatians 5:19-21.

He pointed out the fact that being the head of the family is a God-given gift and men should be the Bishops of their families. He added that men should lead morning and evening prayers at home.

“Deuteronomy 11: 18 – states that ‘I have given you my teachings and commandments so you pass them on to your children,” he said, and asked them the type of teaching they are giving their children when they bear them out of wedlock. He cautioned that as they go around satisfying the desires of flesh they should bear in mind that they are overloading their children with sin.

God says He punishes transgressors’ generations up to the fourth and fifth generation. By presenting the subject that day, he said he was showing men that they have not been condemned, but have been given time to repent and reunite with God.


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