Tuesday, April 23, 2024

CEDA businesses excel at the Trade Fair

The Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) Chief Executive Officer, Thabo Thamane, says CEDA will continue assisting businesses, enterprises and citizens to contribute towards economic diversification and employment creation.

Speaking at the Botswana consumer fair prize giving ceremony on Thursday, Thamane said CEDA will steadfastly support clients as they step into the challenging and exciting world of business. 
He stated that due to globalisation, they have to improve, adapt, innovate and deliver better services.

Thamane stated that CEDA-funded businesses have grown and will continue to create employment opportunities and foster technological innovation. He added that through initiatives such as the consumer fair, the business community is ready to embrace the competitive spirit.

“I am proud to see that individuals and companies whose initiative, enterprise and hard work earned them assistance from CEDA and are flourishing,” said Thamane.

According to Thamane, the fair gave people an opportunity to see first-hand the entrepreneurial attitudes that Batswana have. He said there is evidence of creative people who, through their determination and application, are finding and enjoying the fruits of labour despite the harsh economic times. He urged the government, private sector, aid agencies, civil society and SMMEs to meaningfully and actively play their roles in contributing to the attainment of their goals.

In the category of leather and leather products, position one went to Leather Products Botswana, followed by Supangwao and lastly Botswana Society for the deaf.

In the agriculture implements, position one went to Winsome investments, followed by Okavango auto master and lastly SEEDCO International.

Mapheelo dressmakers got first position in the textile and garments, followed by Francistown Knitters and, lastly, Kaybee dress makers.  

In the information technology category, position one went to Ditec Mobile, followed by NEXTCOM and, thirdly, eBotswana. Financial institution’s first positions went to Botswana Building Society, followed by First National Bank and, lastly, Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority.
Fairground Holdings held the Botswana Consumer Fair for 2011 which ended today (Sunday).

The exhibitors mounted displays while others sold their goods and services to a wide range of customers. It was a platform for service providers and business community to educate the general public on their mandates. The exhibitors were local business entrepreneurs while others were from SADC region, Lesotho, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and also Japan.


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