Monday, May 27, 2024

Celebrating Boitekanelo College class of 2013/14

Botswana’s wholly citizen owned health training institution celebrated the 2nd graduation Friday, with 690 students walking away with coveted qualifications expected to boost quality service in the health sector.

Sporting brand new graduation gowns, men and women shouted in merriment at Boipuso hall as Boitekanelo College management wished them luck in their respective endeavours to look for jobs in the health sector market.

Perhaps knowing very well the task will not be easy in the already saturated job market, BC President and co-founder Tiro Mampane urged his graduands to adopt other means of survival within the health sector when the going gets tough.

“The world is in your hands,” Mampane advised the aspirant dental surgery, health safety assistants and emergency care technology and counselling officers amongst other graduands at the ceremony.

Currently reading the renowned late South African anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko’s book, Mampane reminded the graduates the author’s observations and speeches “Black man you are on your own” in the autobiography collection.

Initially a public service employee with Marina hospital in Gaborone, Mampane would not stick forever with the institution preferring to pursue his conscience which currently is growing by leaps and bounds: Boitekanelo College.

Should the road to full employment become evasive, the youthful doctor cum medical entrepreneur recommended other means of eking a living as strikingly illustrated by himself.

“Black man you are on your own,” Mampane reminded the graduates Steve Biko’s maxim in the book as they brace to join the society already thrown to the street after going through similar routes of qualifications.

Giving a keynote address, University of Limpopo lecturer Dr Sam Bolele specializing on hand and micro surgery and who happens to be Mampane’s teacher reiterated the same sentiments.

While some may be asking themselves “where to from here” others will tell you “we have no idea,” Bolele noted, adding “the big thing about College is learning about yourself, the job we would like to get or the business we would like to start.”

From the humble beginnings at Mogoditshane location in 2007, Boitekanelo College now owns a state of art facility at Tlokweng village neighbouring Gaborone City.

With the sole aim to satisfy the health needs of the struggling Batswana population, BC has since become a multinational institution with international students coming back to receive their honours.

“Today we give you a task to go out there and become ambassadors of Boitekanelo College,” concluded Isabella Magetse, BC principal referring to foreign students who came to receive their qualifications.


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