Thursday, May 30, 2024

Cell phone anti-theft software now available in Botswana

The data that people store on devices is far more important than the hardware itself. Private information is extremely confidential and can cause potential harm if accessed by an unauthorized user.

It is, therefore, vital to protect that information. Encryption techniques and password protection are some steps that should be taken by all for data security.

PI Tech World, a citizen owned ICT and printing company, last Thursday launched Maverick Secure Mobile (MSM) security software. It is aimed at tracking down stolen mobile phones. The application is a thief’s worst nightmare because after installation, there is no chance of anyone tempering with one’s privacy.

PI World Tech Director, Ian Masite, said that according to Police sources, the cell phone crime rate has decreased since the introduction of the software.

“Maverick cell phone anti-theft software is a marriage of phone & SIM card. This means IMEI (a unique phone number) and IMSI (Unique SIM card number) are both stored in a safe place on the phone at installation,” said Masite. “Once the installation is done, one has to register it to our server by using a registration key, which is bought at PI WORLD TECH.”

Normally when a phone gets stolen, the thief immediately switches it off, removes the SIM card and will either use or sell the cellphone. Whoever uses the phone then will insert a new SIM and switch it on. MSM will immediately check IMEI and IMSI number, a difference in the numbers will show.
“While registering, one has to give at least two nominated mobile numbers which Maverick uses as reporting numbers to report all activities that are taking place when the phone is used by someone else. Once the registration is done, one gets a confirmation message from our server and it’s complete.”

He added: “MSM will immediately start hiding all the personal information on the phone such as contacts, SMS’s and so on. The new user’s details, these include phone number, IMEI, IMSI, operator details, country and others, will be sent to the reporting number. From that moment, MSM will keep sending messages of all activities taking place on the handset like incoming and outgoing calls, SMS received and sent, to list a few. The initial owner of the phone will be given additional commands to recover GPS location of phone, recover contacts from the stolen phone, deleted information on the stolen phone.”

The application makes the police investigation less time consuming, in case of theft or loss of the handset. The culprits can be nabbed quickly; this in turn increases the percentage of recovery.
The company has received authorization from the Botswana Telecommunications Authority (BTA) and Botswana Police Service (BPS) to operate in Botswana.


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