Monday, July 22, 2024

Cell phone thieves earn 12 months jail term

Two Zimbabwean men were this Friday arraigned before the Urban Customary Deputy Court President, Kgosi Kgosimotse Sebele, and were charged with stealing from a person. Both pleaded guilty to the charges.

The two unemployed Zimbabweans, Munatsi Thakidzwa, 24, and Tafadzwa Mfudisi, 24, asked the court for mercy saying they had misunderstandings with the complainant and ended up fighting him. The complainant lost P40 in the melee.

According to the State Prosecutor from the Urban Police Station, Constable Terrance Moilwa, the two accused were arrested on September 27, 2006 after the complainant, Augustine Tembo, also from Zimbabwe, reported to the police that, at a beer outlet near Bontleng Flats, two Zimbabwean men tried to steal his cell phone and failed but took his money by force.

Before passing the sentence Kgosi Sebele told the court that he was not amused that cases of stealing from persons are increasing in his area daily.
He said that the two accused are serious criminals who knew what they were doing. He sentenced each of them to 12 months in jail and advised the police to deport them after serving their sentences.


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