Saturday, December 3, 2022

Cell phones: easy, popular targets for thieves

Three men were arraigned before the Gaborone West Customary Court President, Kgosi Graham Hambira, charged with stealing from a person.
The three men, Mpho Sebakanyana, 19, Koketso Sione, 20, and Tswelediso Moyo, 19, all unemployed and from Old Naledi in Gaborone, pleaded guilty to the charges.

According to evidence presented to the Court by the State Prosecutor from Gaborone West Police, Sgt Kgaogano Sefho, the three men colluded and stole a cell phone belonging to one lady, a resident of Gaborone West.

Sgt Sefho told the court that after the three men stole the cell phone and P53 from the complainant they went to White City where a chance meeting with the Urban Police Patrolling Team resulted in their arrest after they failed to account for the cell phone in their possession. While the Urban Patrolling Police Team was questioning the suspects, the owner of the phone, together with Gaborone West Police, called her number and the Urban Police answered the phone telling their counterparts in Gaborone West that they had arrested three men suspected to have stolen the cell phone.

Kgosi Aaron Setshwane sentenced each of them to four months in jail, wholly suspended for three years, plus four strokes each on the bum.

Still on stolen cell phones, a 24-year-old petty thief from Ramotswa this week left the Gaborone West Customary Court in tears after he was sentenced to four strokes on the bum for stealing a cell phone from the girl he claimed to love. But after the girl refused to go out with him, he took her cell phone and bolted.

According to the evidence given to the court by the State Prosecutor from the Gaborone West Police, Sgt Kgaogano Sefho, the accused, Tumelo, met the complainant, Mokgasi Matlhadisa, 20, while on her way home and proposed to her but the complainant refused to go out with him. Then Tumelo followed Mokgasi to her house in Gaborone West where he touched her and she did not like it and thought that maybe he wanted to rape her. Tumelo took advantage of the woman’s momentary confusion, took her Navy-blue Motorola C115 cell phone worth P200 and bolted.

Mokgasi told the court that she shouted for help and Tumelo was arrested by members of the public, who also found him with another cell phone which he had stolen from the house of a woman he had earlier proposed to.

Sgt Sefho told the court that Tumelo uses a different method of proposing to women then later steals their cell phones only to claim later that all he wanted to do was to go out with the victim.
Before passing the sentence, Kgosi Graham Hambira told the court that cell phone thefts were on an alarming increase. He told the court that the accused was a serious criminal who planned his crime before he robbed people of their belongings by first claiming to love them. He sentenced him to four strokes on the bum and promised a stiffer punishment next time.


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