Friday, June 9, 2023

Cellphone recovered during stop and search patrol

Chamunorwa Mafukidze, 27, from Bulawayo, was randomly stopped and searched then was arrested by the Urban Police Patrolling Team in White City in Gaborone.

According to the State Prosecutor from Urban Police Station, Constable Batisani, Mafukidze was found with a phone suspected to have been stolen. When asked where he had bought the phone from, Mafukidze failed to give the police some answers.

Kgosi Motse Sebele told the court that he was not happy with the number of Zimbabweans who cross the border into Botswana to rob people of their belongings.

In his mitigation, Mafukidze asked the court not to send him to prison because he was told that while in Botswana his brother had died.
Sebele sentenced him to nine months in jail.


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