Monday, December 11, 2023

Challenges of no consequence as BBA vows to host national tournament

Botswana Badminton Association (BBA) has vowed to do all it can to ensure they host successful Botswana Closed championships.

Despite being faced with lack of proper infrastructure and shortage of funds to host games and tournaments, the association is adamant that it will not be deterred in their plans to host Botswana Closed.

“We will do whatever it takes, even if it means taking the tournament to Lobatse we will do that. At the end we will make a plan that will benefit us all,” BBA Public Relations Officer Barulaganye Ncube said in an interview.

Ncube further highlighted that they do not have the necessary facilities they need to make their dream come true. He said “We do not have a hall of our own, as such we depend on local halls at rental status, which is a bit problematic on our side. Due to financial constraints, we at times find expensive halls and are forced to pay up just to host our games.”

The BBA PRO however said if push comes to shove, they will even cut on their budget just to overcome their financial challenges to host games. “We will cut our budget to prioritize and work with what we have on our hands,” he added.

He said as an association, they have committed themselves to not just hosting the tournament but to also making sure it is a success.

Ncube said despite the challenges, preparations to host the tournament as per the association plans are at an advanced stage.

“We first proposed on the 24th to the 26th August, and the plan is to host the Botswana Closed as per schedule and according to our calendar,” said Ncube. “We will be meeting on the 15th of September to press ahead with plans,” he continued.

Ncube also highlighted that Botswana Closed is the last local Championships before the International Series (Botswana International). “It is a gate way to the International Series, as such players will be contesting for it,” he added.

Ncube concluded by revealing that there is undisclosed prizes to be won hence making the competition more competitive and fun.


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