Thursday, June 20, 2024

Challenging start for Mascom volleyball league

The Mascom Volleyball League resumed for the second week running in different parts of the country.

All the teams honoured the fixtures of the million pula sponsored league except games played at BNPC grounds.

However, out of five men fixture games, only two games were played. Orapa, which was supposed to play against Kalavango and Mafolofolo, did not honour the fixture.

Vice President Technical, George Keotsene, said they called to confirm the absence but they told that the mine could not provide the team with transport.

“The sad part is the team did not communicate with the office until they were called but there will be a fine for them after the games committee meeting,” said Keotsene.

Despite that, Teletswana did not come as they are said to have withdrawn from the league.

“The same team did not show up at last weekend’s game against Itekeng of Jwaneng and they were called for a disciplinary hearing; it was then that a withdrawal followed from the team management,” said Keotsene. He further told The Telegraph that Teletswana is faced with two fines, for not honouring last weekend’s fixture and from withdrawing from the league.

All these are said to be sorted out by the games committee. One disturbing issue was of first aid kits at the grounds. Keotsene said one of Spiking Stars ladies injured her ankle.

There was no assistance for her apart from the ice cold water provided by her teammates.

Keotsene told Sunday Standard that it is the responsibility of the teams to provide a first aid kit for their players. The opening game, between Mafolofolo and Dessert Kings, was interesting and completed with a 3-1 score line in favour of Mafolofolo.
However, Desert Kings beat them 25-18 in the third set, and Mafolofolo dominated all the other sets.


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