Thursday, June 20, 2024

Chengeta’s Production vows to deliver

It is here to eliminate the old Batswana perspective of theatre and drama. Chengeta’s Boy Production is a new production company with new heated ideas of making a difference in the country; he vows to deliver to the best of his abilities.

Ndinaye Chengeta, the director, explains that Four thirty is taken from the time frame in which the movie is based on, 1630-0430.

All activities happening in between the time frames will be stated out all in one hour fifteen minutes.

Chengeta explains that it is not an educational movie where people will watch and learn something positive from the characters but focuses on letting people do the thinking and analysis on their own.

Through his new company, Chengeta is taking the movie Four thirty to the people, which is said to be based on the era that people have created in their heads.

“People’s mentalities are changing the eras,” he says, explaining that we created a world in our heads of fancy particular cell phones and certain car names, which everybody has adopted and made a lifestyle out of and this movie will be depicting all that is happening in the era created by our mindsets.

He decries the ignored activities that happen to a teenage child in between the mentioned times, which is when the child is not under any guidance or care. His intentions is to label out all the bad things that can happen to a teenager at that time, all that they can do and the ignorance of parents towards their children but he lets the audience analyze the movie on their own without any driven paths to take.

Chengeta explains that he has enough to start the company and run it without any sponsors.
“I do not have millions but I have enough,” he explains.

To achieve his goals, Chengeta echoes the need for sponsors that will make the movie more appealing. He mentions the likes of networks and certain cell phones that are commonly used as a necessity to complement the concept of the movie but is conscious about the sponsors taking over and turning the movie into an advertisement.

He left a full time job as an English teacher to invest all his time and dedication to the project, which he promises will be aired in September after only four months of production.
His collaborations with the likes of the Thokolosi crew, the local production series is his certainty that he knows what he is doing and his assurance that he will deliver just what is expected from him. The movie will be shot beginning of May.


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