Sunday, July 14, 2024

Chiefs’ chances of winning league getting brighter

Kgatleng side, Mochudi Centre Chiefs, appear to be on the way to winning the be-MOBILE Premier League Championship.

This follows their bitter rivals and strong challengers, Township Rollers’ 1-0 loss to BDF XI on Tuesday at Molepolole Sports complex.

The loss by Rollers was seen by many as a first strong signal for Centre Chiefs to win the league championships they last won three seasons ago. Rollers, who were seen as strong challengers to Centre Chiefs, were nine points behind before weekend matches. For them to catch up, it would mean Centre Chiefs would have to lose three matches, something that looks impossible.

Chiefs’ destiny is now in their own hands and for now they are their only enemy. There are fears that they might struggle in the second round because most of their players are in the national team and might be either exhausted or injured when they come back.

Township Rollers also have several of their players in the national team and might be equally affected.

Before the Rollers and BDF match, Centre Chiefs chairman, Ernest Molome told Sunday Standard they would not easily lose matches, considering the way they play. He said his team is in top form and once those teams behind them lose points they would not be easily caught. Rollers, on the other hand, have to pray that Centre Chiefs lose some of their matches if they are to win the league championships three times in a row.

Chiefs look like a team on a serious mission because of the margin they win matches with. They can even go up to the extent of scoring eight goals.

Chiefs have since defeated all big teams and most people are wondering whether there will be a team that will defeat them. Their performance is reminiscent of the last time they won the league championships by finishing the league campaign without a single loss.

Their attacking midfielder, Joel Mogorosi, is the leading goalscorer with 18 goals, something that has not been seen here in the past.

In addition, all Centre Chiefs’ players in the national team are doing wonders as they are in top form. These include the likes of Pontsho Moloi, Tshepo Motlabankwe and Mogorosi.

The most painful thing about Centre Chiefs is the fact that for the past three years, Chiefs finished on second position of the league and now they are determined to do better than that.
Rollers, on the other hand, will have to make sure that they do not drop a single point because that would further give Chiefs an edge.


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