Monday, August 8, 2022

Chinese bribery accused’s plan to skip the country exposed

Two senior China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation managers, Xiaming Wang and Xiaoxiang Qui, who have been charged with trying to bribe the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology last week are allegedly planning to escape from the country if granted bail.

The alleged escape plan allegation was exposed by law enforcement agencies investigating the case.
The Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), which had entered into agreement with the defence team representing the two Chinese nationals not to oppose their bail application, went back on the agreement on the courtroom floor after the escape plan was discovered.

Addressing the court Mmapatsi Tshimologo of DPP said, “We had a meeting with the defense counsel and made a gentlemen’s agreement on bail of the two suspects yesterday (Wednesday) at the DPP office.”

He told the court that they have agreed that the suspects can be given bail and that they would not oppose the bail application.

While still addressing the court, Tshimologo somersaulted and told the court that “we have just received information that the two are planning to escape if granted bail therefore we want the suspects denied bail while the investigating officer verifies the allegations”.

He asked the court for seven days to complete investigations on the alleged plot by the two Chinese to escape.

He pointed out that if the pair was to skip the country it would be difficult to locate them because China does not have bilateral agreement with Botswana.

The defense team that was beefed up with both Dick Bayford and Unoda Mack argued that the prosecution should respect and honour the agreement that they had entered into.

They argued that the investigating officer should be called and cross examined on the new allegation.

In her ruling, the magistrate, Gennai Janson, put aside the agreement that both parties made and denied the two suspects with bail.

She extended the remand warrant until their next court appearance that is scheduled for Friday this week.

The agreement entered into between the state and the defense counsel on bail condition stated that both suspects shall pay cash in the sum of P100 000 each and provide two Batswana citizen sureties entering recognizance of P10 000 each and surrender their traveling documents.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation had a similar case in the early 2000s when their manager was accused of trying to bribe a CPP engineer. The manager skipped bail and fled to China.

The CCECC’s two top managers, Xiaming Wang and Xiaoxiang Qui, were caught red-handed by secret agents last Thursday night as they allegedly bribed the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology, Carter Morupisi, with a cash sum of P25O 000.


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