Monday, July 15, 2024

Chinese health care experts bid farewell

In what has been referred to as a symbol of long lasting relationship, the China Medical Team on last week had their farewell occasion at the Cresta President Hotel.

“It saddens me that it is an occasion where we say good bye to one another,” said the Minister of Health, Dr John Seakgosing.
He pointed out that the parting though is not for good because “some will find time to visit us again maybe as team mates or tourists”.

“And when you come, bring that money along,” added Seakgosing. The minister explained that the team of 46 Chinese health care experts, which will be leaving soon, came in 1985 with 13 members at what was called Jubilee.

He said with the ever increasing demand for health services, the numbers have over the years increased to the current 46.
Seakgosing urged the Chinese people to send more experts next time as Botswana is in need.

“Soon we will be in China to ask for more and the 46 shall turn into 64. We do not want to drain away doctors in China but we need more so we could milk for more from the professional doctors,” said Seakgosing.

He also said that it shows love that people of China had left their country to come to Botswana and everything to them had been foreign.

“When going to a foreign country, you part with your culture and the things you know; everything becomes foreign. We are glad you (Chinese) enjoyed and never had problems,” said Seakgosing.

The Chinese were honoured with Certificates of Service to show appreciation for the contribution they have rendered to Botswana.
Seakgosing also noted that he knew that some of them did not want to leave the country but urged them to come again because “there are some who came back the second time and are believed to still want to make a third time visit to Botswana”.

“As you have contributed to our country, I believe you have also been personally enriched and developed by being exposed to different people, language and culture and the experience shall be taken back and be put in good use in your country,” he said.
The next group or team of Chinese health care professionals is expected in Botswana next year in February.


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