Friday, January 21, 2022

Chobe Holdings aims to spread its wings across the region

Chobe Holdings, the tourism outfits listed on the Botswana stock Exchange (BSE), is planning expansion programmers into Africa in a bid to enhance shareholders’ value at a time when most of the companies are looking up north Zambezi.

“There are quite a number of options coming up and we are looking at mergers in terms of marketing and lodges. What we are waiting for is the exchange of paper really,” he said.

Chobe Holdings issued a repeated number of cautionaries in the last year, with a view of staging a possible take-over moves over the leftovers of African Tourism Limited ( ATL) and strongly going into Zambia.

The Zambian route is largely bolstered by the copper and agricultural international prices-where one of its main shareholders, Bifm is strongly established in that country.
“The negotiations are ongoing in that country and we hope that they will be completed before the end of this year, Jimmy Gibson, the managing director of Chobe Holding said at a press conference Thursday.

The company which reported impressive results with total revenue shooting up to P 52 million.

The group which has a number of interest in a number of entities, including the Caprivi Fishing Safari, Chobe Exploration, Chobe Farms, Chobe Game Lodge, Chobe Properties, Desert and Delta Safaris, Chobe And Delta Safari SA, Ilombe Island and Fishing Lodge, Kazungula Aqua Culture, Kalahari Holiday Tours and Venstell said conditions are more appetesing in Namibia than in Botswana.

The company is also planning to upgrade its lodges across the region in a bid to lure a good number of tourists under its own ambit.

“The trading has substantially improved in the Caprivi- Strip than in Botswana,’ he said, pointing out that the company is looking forward to the 2010b World Cup Football games in South Africa.

“The 2010 World Cup perception is good news to us and should it go well it will create a lot of tremendous success for the southern African region,” he added.

However, the companies’ dreams of improving its flight connections in the northern areas were blighted by its intended 13 setter plane which was go to complete met its already existing fleet. The new plane was found to have had a history of flying Colombia- a drug infested region making difficult to get registration numbers of the local region.

The company had thought of getting a turbon aircraft to airlift holiday-makers from the resort areas of Maun and Kasane into the Okavango Delta and some surrounding areas. But so far, it only managed to get a new and much bigger plane to fly into those areas which according to management has improved market condition in that area.


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