Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Choppies faces racist, xenophobic attacks in Zimbabwe

A Zimbabwean fringe Political Party – Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) ÔÇô is mobilising a racist and xenophobic campaign against the embattled Botswana Stock Exchange and Johannesburg Stock exchange listed Choppies Group.

The Bulawayo based regional party which has been agitating for the secession of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe issued a statement last week that, “Choppies Indians must leave Bulawayo in peace”

In the statement that is factually incorrect, the party charged that, “Mthwakazi Republic Party is concerned about the new colonial mentality by the Indians at Choppies. Raji Modi and his criminals, who are wanted in South Africa and Botswana for a number of corporate crimes, have no place in Bulawayo. We have resolved as a Party to resist the thuggery of these Indians and commit to fight their greed and corruption. We have noted that because of the Mphokos, Choppies is one of the few companies headquartered in Bulawayo. It is clear that the ultimate goal of this Indian cabal is to relocate both shareholding and administration to Harare. We therefore urge the Mphokos as our local people to divorce from their relationship with these clumsy Indians and save the future of Choppies Workers. It is not our wish to fight our people, but if they continue to partner with these Indian criminals they will coincidentally suffer the resistance of the people. Choppies has failed from its inception, to invest on corporate social programs that benefit the people, while choosing to handsomely reward racist Indians and feeding the black forex market. The continued relationship between the Mphokos and these Indians will save to prolong this looming state capture. We don’t need Choppies in Bulawayo; all we need is credible investment that respects citizenry and national laws. If the Mphokos could run a successful business with the Indians, they can still run successfully with any business partner with corporate integrity. Modi must carry their Choppies to Harare or to India. “

The statement is signed by Singu Mthwakazi Sizokulungisa MRP Information Department


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