Saturday, July 2, 2022

Christian slogans spray painted on Gaborone Main Mosque

Gaborone Police are investigating a case of religious intolerance sacrilege following an incident in which the walls at the Gaborone Main Mosque near the University of Botswana were defaced with spray paintings exalting Jesus Christ and indirectly condemning Islam.

It is suspected the incident occurred on Thursday afternoon.

“Tell these people we worship Jesus who is Christ Provence, the Lord, the light, the life, God of Israel and the only God, there is. Power, glory, honour are rightfully his….,” the provocative writing on the walls read in part.

The culprit also states that Botswana is a Christian society and calls upon all Muslims to submit to the Christian faith.

At the time of going to press, the Chairman of the Muslim Association, Satar Dada, expressed regret at the writings on the wall, adding that for now the organization would not want to comment further until police investigations are complete.

“It is regrettable that someone would go out of his way to offend a sacred place of worship through such disturbing statements,” said Dada.


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