Thursday, June 13, 2024

Climate change: Botswana and Italy snuggle closer

Botswana is warming up to renewable energy after it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on climate change at COP21 in Paris with Italy.

The MoU is comes after the Italian government showed its eagerness in supporting Botswana to come up with climate change adaptation and projects  going with Botswana Private Sector and relevant institutions on renewable energy.

Department of Meteorological Services, Director Othata Mmolotsi stated at Italy-Botswana Renewable Dialogue that they had teamed up with the Italian government in a bid to address issues of climate change and supporting Botswana private sector to participate on renewable energy.

Mmolotsi stated that Botswana, which has not been spared by effects of climate, will come up with mitigation and adaptation projects as a result of the agreement between the two governments.

Mmolotsi stated that the assistance which comes after Environment, Wildlife and Tourism and Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea culminated in eight Italian companies coming Botswana to participate at the dialogue.

He indicated that Botswana which has not been spared by the global climate change effects should come with mitigation and adaptation methods.

Maloti state that the country has witnessed a number of incidents related to climate change effects in the past such as drought and drying of dams due to lack of rainfall.

He further noted that the agriculture sector is the hardest hit by the climate change as it was evident that the agriculture sector which was among the GDP second largest earner was not doing well.

Environmental Affairs Deputy Permanent Secretary, Theban Bottom, says the drafting of the climate change act is at advance stage. 

Bottom stated at Italy-Botswana Renewable Energy Dialogue that the act would also encourage the private sector to participate. He said that they were worried about lack of participation by the private sector on addressing issues of climate change.

Botswana indicated that as result of the agreement at COP21 their Italian counterpart sponsored the Botswana government with 2 million Euro to come up with pilot projects on using renewable energy in Botswana.

Bottom further stated that they would identify some investments projects which they would share with the private sector in Italy.


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