Friday, July 19, 2024

CLOVER BOTSWANA spends P40m on new factory

Botswana’s leading dairy factory, Clover Botswana, on Wednesday announced the operation of its new multi-million dairy products factory in Gaborone.

The project took ten months to complete and processes fresh milk and juice products. According to the Managing Director, Herman de Lange, the new factory has created more than thirty-five new jobs and has implemented world class standards in terms of the layout, quality control and technology and it also represents a P40 million investment.

“We are excited to offer a brand with such a long heritage in the country for more than thirty years and it is imperative that Botswana is competitive in the dairy industry,” said de Lange.
He also mentioned that he would like to see 25 percent of locally produced milk increasing to meet the demand in the country.

Clover Botswana manufactures over 60 products in Botswana in the new factory located in the Gaborone West Industrial.

de Lange said that in 2009, Clover decided to invest in a brand new combined long life milk and fresh produce plant.

“Our strong relationships with Clover South Africa were also leveraged for product development and technical expertise. The investment in the new factory represents our belief and passion for local market and its potential growth,” added de Lange.

The new factory comprises of milk receiving silo, cooling systems, sterilizer control systems, milk intake, mixers and filling machines.

Its quality control laboratory is also of high standard.
In 1997, Clover Botswana purchased Prime Dairies and added many other Clover brands and grown Prime products brands. This has contributed to the country’s food security, particularly in nutrition and health.

On the issue of the country’s outbreak of diseases such as Foot and Mouth and Rift Valley Fever, de Lange pointed out that they are ready to work with the local dairy farmers and with the government on the already existing campaigns to fight the diseases. He also encouraged Batswana to venture into dairy farming as it is also the diversification of the country’s economy.


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