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Coaches fired and hired as league reaches climax

April 4 2010: It is well known that the firing and resignation of coaches become the norm when the premier league reaches its climax.

However, parting ways with coaches is usually common in teams that did not fare well in the league, either battling to avoid the relegation axe or those whose hopes of winning the league title have faded.

In the space of a week, three coaches in Botswana were shown the door in the premier league. BDF XI mentor Stanley Mwaanga, Police XI’s Barry Daka and Clever Hunda of Uniao Flamengo Santos have all been shown the door.

Of all these developments, the one that raised eyebrows was the fall out between Clever Hunda and Uniao Flamengo Santos.

Hunda performed exceptionally well after taking the helm at Uniao Flamengo Santos last season. He made history by winning the coveted Coca-Cola tournament, which was a first for him in his coaching career and for Santos as well.

Presently, Santos are good contenders for the league title, as they stand a chance of winning the league championship if log leaders Township Rollers slip on the way.
However, the writing has been on the wall for Barry Daka and Stanley Mwaanga, as their teams have not been doing well.

Police XI are currently not safe from relegation, and Daka has for a long time been a dead man walking. Daka claims that he resigned so that he can spend more time with his family, but sources from the Police camp insist that he was pushed. Daka joined the Jungle Kings after helping Ecco City Green win their first League championship.

After finishing in a reputable position last season, BDF XI’s hopes of winning the league this season have been shattered. BDF XI have simply been unpredictable, blowing hot and cold. In the end Mwaanga was given the boot.

It is not clear where Mwaanga and Daka will end up, but Sunday Standard is informed that Hunda is set to join his former team Police XI.

Efforts to get hold of Hunda were futile at the time of going to press, but reports from the Santos camp say that he was complaining about interference from the team management. Santos has since refuted the allegation.

Santos executive committee member Mokganedi Molefhe said that allegations of interference are unfounded, and insisted that Hunda left on his own volition as he wanted to join Police XI.
“As I am talking to you now Hunda is a Police XI coach. He got an offer he could not resist. He did not even give us time to negotiate as it appeared he had already made up his mind. His contract is valid until the end of the season, but he was prepared to resign with a cheque. How do you explain that?” he said.

Molefhe added that Santos management had a cordial relationship with Hunda. He said that the only problem that they had with him was that he did not have training programs and could not produce reports.

“At Santos the executive committee always has periodic meetings, and they expect the technical team to furnish them with progress reports and training programs at each of those meetings. Hunda never submitted a single report, and maybe that is why he says that we were interfering” he said.
Molefhe also said Hunda’s success at the club was because of the structures that he found in place. He said that Santos has strong development structures which are envied by many, and are the reason why they have been successful to date.


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