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Coca-Cola: the end of an unforgettable chapter

Sponsoring sports, especially football for more than 20 consecutive years, is not an easy thing, especially considering the type of competition involved.

The Coca-Cola Company managed to soldier on in Botswana and poured money in a tournament which has played a significant role in the lives of many players, some of whom being top notch coaches.

This season, however, marks an end of an era to the tournament that will not be easily forgotten.
Since its inception in 1992, others companies followed suit by establishing their own tournaments but they did not last.

Since the money involved was better and even guaranteed automatic African champions participation, teams took it seriously. Once realising that they would not win the league, teams would try by all means to console themselves by winning the Coca-Cola Cup.

The Botswana Football Association has since released a press statement confirming the end of Coca Cola sponsorship.

Coca-Cola will then focus on the grass roots level, something that is positive for the football development in Botswana. In the past Coca-Cola used to sponsor senior secondary schools around the country. The initiative was popular and used to bring droves of people to the grounds and even scouts from Premier League teams.

Nevertheless, since its inception, it was hugely popular and has to date proved that any team that was prepared for it regardless of its status would win it. To date it has been won by 12 teams.
When it started, popular and largely followed teams dominated it but things changed along the way. Institutional teams also claimed their slice of the cake.

Gunners won it for the first time and are also currently the defending champions.
Township Rollers, on the other hand, are the only team to have won it more than any other team. They have won it five times and regardless of who wins it this season, Rollers will still be the record breaking team in Coca-Cola Cup tournaments.

Teams that come closer are Notwane and Mogoditshane Fighters that have won it three times apiece.
Interestingly, no team from the lower division has ever won the tournament despite always giving the Premier League teams tough times. But a couple of teams reached the finals while still campaigning in the First Division; the teams being Ramotswa-based side, Mokgosi Young Fighters in 1997 and Township Rollers in 2003.

Previous Coca Cola winners

1992: Gunners
(Gunners 3, Tafic 2)

1993: Township Rollers
(Township Rollers 4, GU 1)

1994: Township Rollers
Township Rollers, 2 Gunners 0

1995: Notwane
(Notwane 3, BDF XI 1)

1996: Township Rollers
(Township Rollers 2, BMC 0)

1997: Notwane
(Notwane 2, Mokgosi 0)

1998: BDF XI
(BDF XI 1, Jwaneng
Comets 0)

1999: Mogoditshane Fighters
(Mogoditshane Fighters 3,
FC Satmos 0)

2000: Mogoditshane Fighters

2001: Tasc
Tasc 2, Gunners 0

2002: Tafic
(Tafic beat Tasc on penalties)

2003: Mogoditshane Fighters
Mogoditshane Fighters 1, Township Rollers 0)

2004: BDF XI
(BDF 2, Fighters 0)

2005: Township Rollers
(Township Rollers 3,

2006: Notwane
(Notwane 2, BDF XI 1)

2007: BMC
(BMC 5 ECCO City 4,
after penalties)

2008: Mochudi Centre Chiefs
(Mochudi Centre Chiefs 5, Uniao Flamengo Santos 2

2009 Uniao Flamengo Santos
(Santos 4 BDF XI 2 Pen)
2009/2010 Township Rollers
(Township Rollers 3-Mochudi Centre Chiefs 1

2010/2011 Extension Gunners
(Extension Gunners 3 Motlakase 1)


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