Sunday, June 23, 2024

Collezione opens its first shop in Botswana

On the evening April 27, fast moving fashion brand, Collezione, opened its doors in an official launch of the store at Airport Junction. 

Originating from Turkey, the shop offers clothing that reflects Turkey’s roots and creative style, and is the first to be opened in sub-Saharan Africa.

“We wanted to bring the brand to our soils to introduce affordable clothing that carries high quality.  Approaching companies such as BITC as well as the Turkish Embassy and CEDA, this was a bold move for us to fully participate in the retail space that has been dominated by South African retail giants. 

“We found that Collezione as a brand is in touch with the latest trends, and we sought to bring that to Batswana of which we have done with the launch of this shop and it has been an exciting journey so far,” stated co-owner Callistus Phologolo. 

From chequered shirts, casual shorts to beachwear and sweaters, Collezione clothing caters for young adults who love to look stylish and creative without reaching deep into their pockets, said Phologolo. 

“The men’s wear is both elegant and relaxed, while women’s attire is stylish and speaks to the modern lady who wants to feel comfortable yet fashionable,” he said.

The Turkish Ambassador to Botswana was among dignitaries who graced the launch. He stated that the shop is representative of the good relations Botswana has with Turkey, and investment opportunities that are available. 

“Turkish people are becoming more active in Africa relative to business, and we will do our best for more Batswana to recognise opportunities in Turkey. I wish the owners a successful journey in the running of the Collezione store and brand,” the ambassador said. 

CEDA CEO Thabo Thamane encouraged attendees to look for lucrative investments that could diversify the economy. 

Nurtured on the thriving music and arts scene in Istanbul, Collezione has grown significantly, with stores in more than 20 countries. 


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