Monday, March 20, 2023

Community trust asks for govt support as trophy hunting ban takes effect

A community trust operating a hunting concession area in Moremi Game reserve has demanded that government should provide it financial assistance following the ban trophy hunting.

The community trust’s officials say they met the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism last month seeking financial assistance from government failure of which they should be left to continue hunting.

Mababe Zokotshama Community Trust General Manager, Onkeme Mmolainyana, said they are still expecting a response from the Minister, Tshekedi Khama about their request.

Mmolainyana said that the community trust that has been relying on hunting quotas argues that the government should foot the bill for activities that they have been doing in the past such as monthly fees that were given to elderly.

Mmolainyana said that since they were going to lose revenue due to the ban the government should provide finance that will go towards the operations of the trust.

He said that that the money should also cater for communities who were receiving assistance from the trust in terms of monetary terms.

He said that they have suggested that if government is unable to provide assistance they should be left to continue hunting as it is one of the source of income.

Mmolainyana said that if the government intends to introduce the ban of hunting there is a need for government assistance or left to hunt since their licence to hunt ends in 2017.

However, Ministry Permanent Secretary, Neil Fitt said the government has not yet resolved the issue on the matter but promised that it would be put to rest in the next few weeks.


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