Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Complainant turns suspect after claiming police robbed him of P10 000

A man who had gone to the police headquarters to lodge a complaint against officers from the Broadhurst police station found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was slapped with a charge of robbery.

Reports reaching The Telegraph indicate that the man was in the process of lodging a complaint against the police when a robbery suspect identified him as her assailant and alerted the police.
Information reaching The Telegraph indicates that the man was previously arrested and detained by the Broadhurst police, whereupon he surrendered some of his belongings, including money amounting to P1000.

Boroadhurst Police Station Commander, Superintendent Counsel Moyo, told The Telegraph that an officer who was checking in the suspect mistakenly recorded that the suspect was in possession of P10 000 when in fact he had only surrendered P1000 to the police.

The suspect realized the officers’ mistake after being released, and he immediately rushed to the police headquarters, where he raised a complaint that the Broadhurst police had only given him back P1000 when, in fact, they took P10 000 from him.

It was then that a certain woman, who had recently been robbed by the suspect, identified him and alerted the police. They then took the suspect in for interrogation and later laid a charge against him. He has since been released while police investigations continue.


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