Monday, May 16, 2022

Computer society formed in Botswana

A group of lectures from the University of Botswana in the Department of Computer Science have initiated the Computer Society of Botswana (CSB).

CSB was registered in March 3 2010 and has started enrolling members as of the beginning of this year.

The society is a non-profit organization and will look for its affiliates along with its members to volunteer their skills.

The society is the first of its kind in ICT in Botswana; it will not only be beneficial to those who are knowledgeable in ICT but also those who are seeking for reference and may be in need of ICT guidance.

“We are the eyes of the nation with relation to ICT matters,” said the chairperson, Dr. Audrey Masizana-Katongo.

The society hopes to build bonds with other associates of similar interests around the world in order to improve local Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

The membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 for a fee of P300 for an ordinary fee and P6000 for a corporate fee and will be made available nationwide.

The society will hope to have at least one international speaker during their monthly meetings.
Although the official launch is yet to take place, their website and a Facebook page will soon be available to the public.

According to Katongo, who is a lecturer at UB, their aim is to become reputable and launching pad for many who could benefit from job opportunities solely on the reputation of CSB.

“CSB should be able to talk for you, it should help you go places if you are affiliated,” she said.

Amongst their objectives is to create a facility of knowledge that is available to the public. They will also be promoting research and applying their research. The society also hopes to publish information through journals and other mediums.

The interest groups will make it easier for them to identify experts who can help with common problems or inquires made. The interests groups will focus beginning at secondary level to address the needs of students who are learning about ICT. They are currently looking at 800 graduates from the Department of Computer Science who they believe will be ideal for networking that will create useful affiliates.


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