Monday, May 17, 2021

Computerised driving system could result in driving school businesses losing out

Driving schools business owners will in the short to medium term lose out on money made out of lending cars to prospective drivers for use during their practical driving test. This comes as a result of the government’s plan to introduce the first ever computerised driver testing system.

The project which is expected to cost close to P20 million entails full computerisation of the testing ground which means all the disciplines in the yard test will be conducted through the computer. Currently the yard test is done manually with prospective drivers expected to lease their own vehicles for the purpose of testing. Most driving schools usually lease out their vehicles to prospective drivers at a fee which is normally not part of driving school fees.

Minister responsible for Transport, Tshenolo Mabeo said Friday that going forward, all driver testing vehicles shall be provided by the government because they will be installed with gadgets that facilitate the testing.

“This brilliant idea originates from Korea and has been tried and tested in countries such as the Republic of Georgia where it witnessed a sterling way of driver testing. Other countries’ such as Russia, China, and Malaysia just to mention a few have adopted it and it has worked”, Mabeo said.

Mabeo together with his officials admitted that corruption has been order of the day at their ministry which has been tasked with issuance of driving licenses.

“In the past we have heard of corrupt practices such as people receiving bribes in order to get licenses. I am very positive that with such development we shall see such practices coming to an end”, Mabeo said.

Mabeo officiated at the ground breaking ceremony of the new system at Maruapula in Gaborone recently. It is expected that the project will be piloted at Maruapula centre before being rolled out to other centres across the country.


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