Saturday, February 24, 2024

Confusion abounds as OP denies Kgosi has joined the Civil Service

The return of the former Directorate of Intelligent Service Director Isaac Kgosi as former President Ian Khama’s private secretary has been dismissed by the Office of the President.

But speculation heightened this week when Kgosi was part of Khama’s entourage at Camphill Health & Wellness Centre on Monday where Khama Lady Trust held ab event in Otse.

The return of Khama to public service has been long speculated even before Kgosi was seen accompanying Khama during private activities.

Kgosi’s presence as part of Khama’s entourage to some observers signaled the return of  Kgosi at government enclave.

Speculation was also rife recently that the Senior Private Secretary to the President George Thalerwa was rumoured to be exiting the public service leaving Khama without a private secretary.

But Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President Carter Morupisi has refuted claims that Kgosi who has been Khama’s private secretary while Khama was the Vice President was rehired as the private secretary.

Morupisi indicated that Kgosi has never been hired for that position.

“As the employer I would be in a better position to tell you that indeed we have hired someone,” said Morupisi.

Morupisi was not in a position to state why Kgosi was part of Khama’s entourage arguing that he wouldn’t know who the former President invited in his personal capacities to some events.

Thalerwa who is always part of Khama’s entourage was nowhere to be seen at the Contacted for comment, Kgosi laughed off suggestions that he was rejoing the civil service as Khama’s private secretary.

“There is nothing that I can talk to you about. You know that I don’t give out information . There is nothing that I can confirm,” said Kgosi.


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