Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Consider cycling for fitness and adventure

It is at the start of each year that we make those resolutions to start a fitness program to shed the excess weight gained over the festive season. “So I joined the gym but went only once. I then bought a spinning machine and gym equipment instead, hoping if I bring the gym home it would work for me! I would avoid the crowds and the wait for someone to finish then jump in.” These are some of the things you experience at the gym.

So then, if this sounds familiar, chances are high that a bicycle will work for you.
Cycling allows you to go to different places each time and not be bored by the routine which you may experience with the gym. Spinning furiously but going nowhere can be a bore at times.

However, the gym is important to visit to train other areas not normally done by cycling, such as abdomen and lower back muscles, which prevent early fatigue and assist in giving power during cycling. Cycling also is recommended for people who want to keep fit but run the risk of arthritis or have joint problems since it is not weight bearing like running.

Therefore, do not abandon the gym altogether; it’s useful in improving your cycling ability and all round fitness and health.

Go up Kgale when the opportunity arises and work on those leg muscles!
To start off, one has to be sure of what they exactly want to do when cycling: just ride, adventure trail riding, train on challenging terrains?

This will help in choosing the right bike as prices vary a great deal. Most of us have initially gone for a low end entry bike hoping to just ride only to find out that the bike becomes inadequate when you meet other cyclists and they introduce you to cycling.

There are reputable bike shops that have experienced sales persons. They should be able to give you the right frame size, saddle, accessories such as helmet, gloves and padded pants. This is based on your various body measurements.

Nowadays there are even lady specific bikes as men and women are not built the same. Women saddles are wider because of their wider pelvic bones and the reach is shorter as they have shorter arms.
So take cycling as an investment on your health and a way of life. If His Excellency The President, the busiest person in the country, finds time to ride and train on a bicycle we have no excuse!

The Gaborone Cycling Club is available to help anyone interested as a beginner in cycling or provide cycling partners to seasoned cyclists in Gaborone and surrounding areas. The club also hosts a good number of events every year which can be accessed at the club website www.gcc.org.bw.
Club social rides are organised in between these competitive events, catering for all types of riders and the members are informed through an e-mailing list.


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