Sunday, June 16, 2024

Construction of Bakgatla Tribal Administration retarded by lack of funds

The construction of the Bakgatla main Kgotla, which was planned for the National Development Plan (NDP) 2007/2008, might not be coming soon due to some financial complications that include escalation of construction costs and meager compensation fees to the families that have to make way for the Kgotla.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, an anonymous source had raised concern that the construction of Mochudi main Kgotla had taken long to be constructed, saying the buildings are old and there is small space for packing and for holding big crowds.

But despite this, it seems the construction of the Bakgatla main Kgotla will not be taking place any time soon. A highly placed senior official within the Local Tribal Administration has pointed out that relocation and escalation of construction costs is hampering the construction.
The source, who requested anonymity because authority from higher powers had not been approved, said, “Relocation of families who have to give way for the construction is one of the problems. There is still a family that has not moved because they need more compensation.”

The family that is refusing to move had initially been offered P230 000 as compensation fee but is now demanding P430 000. The official said they are now trying to solicit the needed funds to meet the families demand as well as the escalated construction costs due to high fuel and building material prices.
Construction costs have doubled from P15 million to P30 million since the 2007/2008 financial planning.

The official said the Ministry of Local Government is in consultation with Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, saying “when the consultations are over, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government will communicate to us what the stance is”.

However, the official also pointed out that even though the construction of the Kgotla had been included in the NDP 2009/2010, it might or might not commence, citing shortage of funds and the high cost of the Bakgatla Kgotla.

On other issues, the official stated that it is not only the Bakgatla Tribal Administration offices whose construction is lagging behind, but the Lobatse Tribal Administration is also on hold. It was planned for NDP 08/09 at a cost of P9 million but the price has since shot up to a staggering P20 million. Another is the Francistown Tribal Administration at a cost of P10 million.


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