Thursday, October 5, 2023

Convicted Customary Court Of Appeal President getting full salary

The Convicted Customary Court of Appeal president, who is interdicted, is receiving his full salary.

Information reaching Sunday Standard suggests that convicted Kgosi Kwena Sebele, whose contracts expires sometime in September this year, is still getting his full salary since he was interdicted almost a year ago.

The Ministry of Local Government is reluctant to explain why he continues to get his full salary contrary to the law.

His interdiction came after he became a suspect in a stock theft case.

The Deputy Director of Tribal Administration, Tumelo Seboko, told Sunday Standard that “it is true that Kgosi Kwena is interdicted which started sometime last year”.

He said after the outcome of the conviction, the directorate of Public prosecution will then inform about the verdict then a decision based on the verdict would be taken by the ministry.
He added that his contract is expected to end sometime in September this year.

He further said, “About his full salary, the permanent secretary to the Ministry of Local Government is in a better position to respond to your question”.
He said he could not preempt who would be the next president of customary court of appeal.

Currently, Kgosi Mosielele is the acting president of the Customary Court of Appeal.

Since its establishment, it was first led by the late kgosi Lenchwe II of Bakgatla, seconded by the convicted Kgosikwena, who was found quality by the Molepolole magistrate court sometime last week and will be sentenced tomorrow, Monday.

Contacted for comment, the minister of local Government Lebonamang Mokalake said he was unable to comment because he was on sick leave.


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