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Corrupt DCEC protecting Isaac Kgosi – Ngakaagae

The lawyer acting for three accused persons in the P250 million money laundering case, Kgosietsile Ngakaagae complained last week that the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) is shielding the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) Director General Isaac Kgosi from prosecution.

The integrity of the DCEC took centre stage last week during the P250 million money laundering case with Ngakaagae lambasting the corruption buster for being a “hub of corruption.”

Ngakaagae’s statement came after the DCEC agents re-arrested former executive director of Department of Energy Kenneth Kerekang immediately after his brief appearance before court in the case in which he is charged alongside Bakang Seretse and his business associate Botho Leburu.

He accused the DCEC of harassing his clients because they were questioning the wisdom of not prosecuting Director of Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) Isaac Kgosi.

“This is a hopeless department that does not fight corruption but that protects it.  This simple act of selective charging is in its self an act of corruption by DCEC. You have to understand that,” charged Ngakaagae.

He added that “You will have to understand that we are not in a war part with anyone.  All we want is for things to be done properly and we are not going to be intimidated. We will not back off in demanding that things should be done properly.”

Ngakaagae said the DCEC was failing to explain why they were arresting Kerekang adding that “That is stupid on the part of the DCEC. They are crying because we are asking why Kgosi is not prosecuted.”

He stated “That is the nonsense they are crying for and it is really regrettable just because when we ask if our clients are guilty why are particular people not prosecuted, and then all you get is harassment in turn of our clients by the DCEC.”

According to Ngakaagae “I have to mention that this is a department of cowards. They are impotent they are hopeless. They tremble at power and they feed on the meek that is the DCEC for you.”

He said there was need for members of the public know that “this DCEC is absolutely rubbish.”

“It is very important for the public to know the kind of people we are dealing with. DCEC is hopeless and I don’t want anyone sitting back there thinking somehow they have a protective agency called the DCEC.  It is very hopeless,” he said.

Ngakaagae said that “ You can’t tremble at power when you are an investigative authority and then feed on the meek, chasing people accused of stealing P200 and those owing traffic fines and then bang P250 million is gone and what do you do; you can’t look at power in the eyes and say account.” 

He further stated that “The question is we are questioning power; why are some people not prosecuted. Our clients are being harassed because they are demanding answers as to why those people are not charged they are the owners of what they are charged with.”

Ngakaagae said “I have never seen a stupid department like DCEC. You cannot say someone transferred P250 million on the instruction of Ngakaagae and you go and arrest the person who transferred the money and leave Ngakaagae. What kind of nonsense is that? But that is DCEC for you and it is time that the DCEC is exposed for what it is.”

He said they were not going to back off “one slight bit, we are not scared, they can shoot us, and we are going to deal with this matter to ensure that there is no selective justice.”

Ngakaagae warned that “We are going to deal with is matter in our best judgement and in terms of our best discretion. We are going to leave no stone unturned to ensure that there is no selective justice.”

He noted that “If our clients have committed an office so be it; let them be charged. But if anyone else had committed the offence that they are alleged to have committed let such people suffer the same treatment. We are not going to allow for these young men to become scapegoats for what the executive did. It is absolute rubbish.” 

“Why at all it is alleged that our clients stole the money while people who instructed them to deposit the money are not in court. My clients are not going to be scapegoats; they have not committed offence for any individual,” he said.

Contacted for comment, DCEC spokesperson Nlayidzi Gambule said the allegations levelled against DCEC by Ngakaagae were baseless and unfounded.

“It is unfortunate that Ngakaagae can simply attack DCEC without any concrete facts that he has brought before the attention of the agency. That only is regrettable,” he said.

He said Ngakaagae has “the right to take DCEC to a court of law if he has the facts and DCEC will defend itself.

“The DCEC has a mandated to investigate corruption and we will continue to do so without any favour or prejudice. We won’t be derailed from our mandate.” he said.

Gambule reminded Ngakaagae that he once prosecuted former managing director of Debswana Lewis Nchindo who was accused of corruption while still with the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) few years ago.


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