Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Corruption allegations at Shashe Brigade gain momentum

Nepotism, corruption and maladministration are reportedly the order of the day at Shashe Brigade in Tonota, and they have gained momentum to the extent that management sells off the brigade’s assets without even consulting the community. An anonymous letter written to The Sunday Standard points an accusing finger at the brigade coordinator and some board members, accusing them of bringing down the once prosperous brigade to shambles and looting its funds to the extent that it is now operating on an overdraft facility.

Shashe brigade coordinator, Wycliffe Majani, on Friday refuted the corruption allegations insisting that the institution operates in a very transparent manner and always works hand in hand with the community.
While admitting that the brigade last year sold off some of its assets, he maintained that the sale was done in a transparent manner as the whole community was involved.

“The assets that we sold last year include a sorghum mill plant, an old tipper truck, and old non-serviceable items like door frames and window frames,” said Majani.

He refuted allegations that the items were sold without the knowledge of the community, saying that the Tonota Chief was involved in the process as he called a kgotla meeting to inform them of the sale.

“We advertised the sale, and even the goods were sold through public auction. Even the Ministry of Education allowed us to sell those items, and we have documents detailing the assets sold and the amounts generated,” Majani said.

Majani said that the items were sold as a fund raising initiative because the brigade was facing a shortage of funds.
However, the Sashe brigade is not only inundated with a shortage of funds, but is also indebted to the tax authority, as Majani revealed that they had to sell the assets to pay off part of an outstanding liability that they still have to settle with the Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS).

Shashe brigade is also apparently operating on borrowed funds, as Majani admitted that they have an overdraft facility with one of the financial institutions.


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