Thursday, June 13, 2024

Court warns woman for giving police false information

A 24 year old woman who is a resident of Gaborone was on Friday warned by the Urban Deputy Court President, Kgosimotse Sebele, against giving false information to the police.

Modiegi Potia Sanka [24] from Maipee ward in Ramotswa and married to a Tanzanian, went to the Central Police Station and reported that her husband wanted to kill her.

According to evidence given to the Urban Customary Court by the presiding officer from the Central Police Station Constable Phirinyana, the court was told that Modiegi told the police that her husband wanted to kill her with a knife and later told them that she was lying.

Phirinyana told the court that they went and arrested the husband to question him about the incident and he denied trying to kill his wife.

The woman was charged with giving false information to a public servant under section 131 of the penal code.

The prosecution told the court that cases like this one are giving the police problems because some women are always accusing their husbands of trying to kill them.

He said court must take this into consideration because of incidents of “passion killings”.

In mitigation, Modiegi asked the court not to lock her up because she is pregnant and told the court that she does not want her kid to be born in prison. She said she is taking care of her family in Ramotswa.

Kgosi Sebele told her to stop doing that and promised a stiff punishment next time.
She was warned and discharged.


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