Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Creative Industries goes into regional partnerships

Botswana’s Creative Industries have ventured into regional collaborations with Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique to fully benefit in regional trade and training.

The regional exchange partnership is between the Creative Industries of Botswana, Intwasa Arts Festival in Zimbabwe, The Peace Collection in Namibia and Cedarte of Mozambique.

Through the ZI-BO-NA-MO! (Zimbabwe,Botswana,Namibia,Mozambique) the four countries intend to tap into each other’s background strengths, resources, expertise to coordinate and create permanent trade and training platforms and market places for artists within their countries and for the Southern African Region.

Thabiso Mashaba a member of the BOCCIM Youth in Business sector said the partnership came at a time when the Southern African region is faced with the poor economic development.

“It made sense that we venture into the partnership with other countries in the region to exploit possible benefits that come with the partnerships to boost the sector,” said Mashaba.

Globally, countries are now recognizing the cultural and creative industries for their resilient nature and cross cutting foundational base as the 4th Pillar of Sustainable development in the ongoing United Nations post 2015 Development agenda debates.

“We hope that the setting up of the partnership will grow to set permanent markets for trade and training in the region, develop and show the regions creative industry contribution to economic development and economic growth,” said Mashaba.

The Creative industries are now a recognized sector of the economy and have been placed as number one alternative driver of the Botswana Economy.

“The sector is considered by the country as one of the fastest-growing priority sectors and economic pillars of the local economy that should be sustained along with tourism, information and communications technology and business process outsourcing and entrepreneurship,” he added.

Mashaba said Botswana stands to benefit greatly from this partnership since the other countries have sound developed creative industries. The United Nations acknowledged that creative industries are emerging as strategic choice for reinvigorating economic growth, employment and social cohesion.

He said currently Botswana needs creative and talented individuals, who are always seeking innovative ideas and leaders who are the driving force of the creative industries in this country. At the moment, the creative industries are faced with, among others, the issue of local support, piracy and more.


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