Sunday, March 3, 2024

Credit card scam hits Botswana

Police say they have busted a trans-national criminal syndicate that specializes in credit cards scams.
The syndicate is led and masterminded by a Motswana.

The Public Relations Officer of the Botswana Police, Senior Superintendent Christopher Mbulawa, said they had busted the criminal syndicate, confiscating about 106 false credits cards, along with a devise suspected to have been used sometime last week.

Information reaching Sunday Standard suggests that some Batswana are conniving with some Nigerian nationals based in South Africa to reproduce fraudulent credit cards that are manufactured in South Africa.

It is understood that before the cards are produced, the criminals will connive with petrol attendants, waiters or shop assistants, who will be given a scanning devise that quickly downloads all the information on an unsuspecting customer’s card.

Once the information has been down loaded, the devise will then be taken to South Africa where more duplicate card are produced.

Once the duplication is complete, the criminals will then go on a shopping spree and then sell the items to convert to cash.

There are cases where cash was withdrawn from South Africa while the card holder was in Botswana.

So far a senior executive at Mascom Wireless is among the victims whose card was used in South Africa while he was in Botswana and a lot of money was withdrawn from his bank account.

Mbulawa said the cards have been taken to the forensic lab where they will be examined to find the information from each card and to who it belongs.
Investigations are still on-going.
“We believe that we have made a breakthrough and more suspects will be arrested during police investigations,” he said.

Mbulawa appealed to members of the public to always follow the person they give their card to, especially at petrol stations or restaurants.


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