Thursday, May 23, 2024

Criminal investigations against LobTrans complete

After a year, the Serious Crime Squad says it has completed its criminal investigations against LobTrans and is ready for prosecution.

The company has to account for cash amounting to P20 million.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, the head of the Fraud Division at Serious Crime Squad, Assistant Superintendent Chifana Toitoi, said, “We have completed criminal investigations against LobTrans after a year and the prime suspect will be charged with forgery.”

He said so far only three commercial banks appear to have been swindled but he said he was not in a position to identify them.

Toitoi said the money involved amounts to over P20 800 000 million and not even a single thebe had been recovered.

A warrant of arrest, he said, has long being issued after prime suspect Abdul Asmal of Lobatse skipped the country. He revealed that they had located Asmal, who he said is hiding in India.

“Arrangement will be made to extradite him from India to come to Botswana and stand trial,” he said.


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