Saturday, July 13, 2024

Cuba pleads for Botswana media support against US

The Cuban embassy in Gaborone is on a campaign to rope in the Botswana media to its voice to the call that five “Cuban heroes” held in American prisons be released.

In their appeal to the Botswana media, the Cuban office in Gaborone this week issued a press statement pleading that “the battle for the freedom of our five compatriots can only be won if media silence is broken and the weight of public opinion influences the case”.

The press statement announced that the 6th World Solidarity Campaign demanding the release of five Cuban heroes will take place from September 12th until October 8th 2011.

On September 1998, “five Cuban young men (Gerardo Hernandez, Ram├│n Laba├▒ino, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Rene Gonzalez) were arrested in Miami by the FBI agents and kept in isolation cells for 17 months before their case was brought before a court.”

According to the press statement, “their mission in the United States was monitoring the activities of the groups and organizations responsible for terrorist activities against Cuba that murdered more that 3000 Cuban and wounded other thousands”.

In their plea for media support, the Cuban embassy stated that “the transnational media dictatorship is probably currently the most efficient instrument in imperialism’s political hegemony. It largely dominates information on a global scale, determining what people are allowed to know and blocking whatever it wishes to conceal, with an iron fist. Such iron-clad censorship is not accidental”.

They called on the local media to help break the silence.


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