Friday, May 20, 2022

Cuban envoy lauds Sir Seretse’s role

Cuban Ambassador to Botswana, Ramon Domingo Alonso Medina has praised Botswana’s first President Sir Seretse Khama for his role in the freedom of Cuba, describing it as “remarkable”.

During the celebrations in Francistown last week, Medina said there is even a monument in Havana, Cuba’s capital, built in Sir Seretse Khama’s memory and placed in the Park of the African Heroes.

Medina hailed this year’s visit by President Ian Khama to the communist republic indicating that he acted on behalf of Batswana to pay homage to the Cuban combatants that died in the struggle against apartheid.

The two countries, he said, continue to enjoy strong and cordial bonds of friendship, characterized by mutual respect. He added: “Our ties have manifested themselves in the form of health and sport cooperation as well as in the development of human resources.”

Medina said that on bilateral level, the friendship between the leaders of the two countries and the mutual respect that exist between their people are solid foundations on which the future can be build. He said the people of the two countries share similar values, have a common aspiration and have cultural affinities.

“Cubans like Batswana love peace and independence and are always ready to defend their sovereignty,” Medina said.


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