Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Cyclists pedal 450 km for charity

Whether it is to raise awareness against social ills or help the needy, cycling has become a household name when it comes to giving back to the community.

2021 marks the sixth year that local cyclists have dedicated the 450km ride for charity. This year 10 cyclists will undertake the charity ride in the Ngamiland district, to distribute masks, sanitisers and thermometers to needy communities in the area. 

Bikers will ride in and out of Skombondoro, Kaoxwi, Mohembo, Xhaunga, Nxamasere, Sepopa, Ikoga, Etsha 1, 6 and 13, Gumare, Nokaneng and Tsau areas to give out their pledges.

According to the ride organiser Kitso Motshidisi, beneficiaries of the Covid-19 essentials will be individuals with non-communicable diseases and those who are susceptible to contracting the corona virus due to their compromised immune system. 

Motshidisi observed that charity work makes the biggest impact when there are partnerships, therefore the cyclists have partnered with corporate entities that are passionate about uplifting livelihoods across Botswana to bring this project to life. 

As the pandemic continues to take the lives of many people, Motshidisi mentioned the need to sensitise the communities on various topics that include living a healthy lifestyle particularly during these challenging times as well as proper use of face masks.

“Covid-19 continues to claim lives particularly those with non-communicable diseases. There is need for all to opt for healthier diets and exercise daily to reduce the severity of the disease as advised my medical experts,” he said.

The organiser called out for the public and business community to support the initiative financially or in kind. He said donation of more face masks, sanitisers and thermometers will increase the number of beneficiaries. As for the cyclists who are underway for the ride he encouraged those who can donate meals, refreshments and accommodation to the cyclists to come forth. 

Motshidisi commended all the participants for their efforts in the initiative, he said the cyclists’ boldness, philanthropy, and patriotism is a much-needed outlook in community building.

Pula Medical Aid Fund is the main sponsor of the project through a donation of masks, sanitisers and thermometers to the value of P30,000 of which Khumoetsile Mapitse will be the guest rider. The 450km ride will commence on August 16th to 20th ,2021.


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