Monday, June 24, 2024

Daisy Loo hauled before court again

Gaborone Deputy sheriff, Joseph Kokeletso, has filed a case in the Lobatse High Court seeking Gaborone company Daisy Loo’s judicial manager, John Hinchliffe, to show cause why the company has not paid him over P 900,000 it owes him for his services.

Besides that, Kokeletso also wants Hinchliffe and Daisy Loo to explain why Hinchliffe wants to go out of judicial management before he has been paid what he is owed by the company.

Daisy Loo recently made an application which appeared in local newspapers to the High Court asking to be released from judicial management and that Hinchliffe should cease being its judicial manager. All this, Kokeletso says, was made out of their knowledge.

“They did not inform us about this till we saw it in the newspapers and were surprised that he wanted to go out of judicial management before we had been paid what we are owed and my lawyer had written several letters to him and the company on the matter,” said Kokeletso.

Asked what he hopes for, Kokeletso said that he hoped the Court would stop his release from judicial management of the company and he is paid the full amount of what he is owed.

“Our hope is that they pay me what they owe me and we avoid another court case as there is all evidence that I am entitled to be paid for my services rendered to the company.”


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